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About Companions of the Quaich

Companions of The Quaich is a not-for-profit society dedicated to promoting and sharing knowledge and enjoyment of single malt whisky. Since its inception, the society has grown from a single chapter to a  total of 22 across Canada.

Members meet regularly at dinners and tastings in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere during which three to five different malts are presented by knowledgeable members and guest presenters from around the world. The goals are to educate members about whisky, promote greater awareness of the history and methods of malt whisky distilling, and make available whiskies not locally available.

A quaich is the traditional Scots drinking vessel for whisky. The name comes from the Gaelic cuach, which means ‘cup.’

Our Vision

We wish to expand the traditional context of whisky – of old men cradling a dram in the privacy of their cigar-smoke-filled den – to embrace women and young adults, food, entertainment and socializing. While single malt scotch is a drink steeped in tradition – bagpipes and tartan most often come to mind – it’s also a modern, sophisticated drink that is enjoyed worldwide. People are looking for a drink that’s more complex and classy, and they are increasingly being drawn towards single malt whiskies. Companions of the Quaich events explore the world of whiskies.

Whisky can be enjoyed before dinner as an aperitif; paired with a meal; on the rocks on a lazy Sunday afternoon; cask strength by the fire after a hard day’s work in the winter. Scotch is anything but a solitary pleasure. It is a social drink to be shared with friends that demands engagement. We are less interested in brands, labels and age statements. It’s about how the whisky tastes. We seek textures that will challenge and excite us; aromas that will thrill and surprise. The possibilities are endless.

About Barry Dunner

Barry describes himself as a single malt whisky amateur, with the advantage of approaching whisky with an open mind and in a financially disinterested manner. He enjoys exploring all facets of whisky, especially its relationship with food and ambience. “Scotch is a social drink to be savoured and shared with friends – it’s just the beginning of the experience,” he notes.

Barry has hosted many whisky tastings, strategically pairing whiskies so as to compare and contrast their unique and common characteristics. He also enjoys pairing whisky with food. Some recommendations: a Coal Ila drizzled over a raw oyster, Lavavulin 16 with seared scallops, Aberlour 16 paired with lamb or virtually any Glendronach accompanied by chocolate cherry ganache.

About Sky Andrews

Bio coming soon!