October 8 Whisky Tasting and Dinner

Companions of the Quaich


Thomas Chen & Barry Dunner

request the pleasure of your company

at a Companions of the Quaich

Whisky Tasting & Dinner



Master Distiller Mike Nicolson

Event Theme: Made By Mike

Sample 5 Diagio whiskies

* Linkwood * Royal Lochnagar * Glen Ord * Blair Athol * Coal Ila *

Wednesday, the 8th of October

two thousand and fourteen at seven o’clock

Whiskies • Dinner • Dessert

Sample five whiskies made by Mike (plus a mystery dram)

sumptuously paired with a four-course meal

(Meal details to follow)


Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club

1630 W 15th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6J 2K7

RSVP by September 19, 2014        Programme: October 8

Companions of the Quaich            Reception: 6:45 pm

140-6751 Graybar Road,   Whisky tasting & dinner: 7:00 pm

Richmond, V6W 1H3                        Casual attire

email info@vanquaich.com Couvert: $85; $95: non-members

At the Door: $10 more            Seating limited to 25 participants


• The Companions of The Quaich is a non-profit society dedicated to sharing knowledge and enjoyment of Single Malt Whisky •

• A ‘Quaich’ is the traditional Scots drinking vessel for whisky • The name comes from the Gaelic ‘cuach’ which means ‘cup’