Whisky Tasting and Dinner – Jura, November 4, 2014

Companions of the Quaich

Whisky Tasting & Dinner


Thomas Chen & Barry Dunner

request the pleasure of your company

at a Companions Whisky Tasting & Dinner


Event Theme

A Journey to Jura

Featuring Master Distiller Willie Tait

Sample 5 Isle of Jura whiskies


Whiskies • Dinner • Dessert

Sample five whiskies

sumptuously paired with a four-course meal

(Meal details to follow)

When & Where

Tuesday, the 4th of November at seven o’clock

Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club  • 1630 W 15th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6J 2K7

RSVP by October 20, 2014                               Programme

Companions of the Quaich                      Reception: 6:45 pm

140-6751 Graybar Road,          Whisky tasting & dinner: 7:00 pm

Richmond, V6W 1H3                                  Casual attire

email info@vanquaich.com          Couvert: $75; $85: non-members

At the Door: $10 more         Seating limited to 25 participants




About Willie Tait

In 1975 Willie Tait began a lifelong association with the island. He has worked as a tunroom man, mash, stillman, distillery manager and master distiller, and is now Global Brand Ambassador for Jura. In 2011 he was awarded a lifetime Achievement Award from the Malt Advocate magazine.

The Companions of The Quaich is a non-profit society dedicated to sharing knowledge and enjoyment of Single Malt Whisky

A ‘Quaich’ is the traditional Scots drinking vessel for whisky • The name comes from the Gaelic ‘cuach’ which means ‘cup’





Willie Tait

Master Distiller, Brand Ambassador

Isle of Jura Single Malt Whisky.




Only 7 miles wide and 30 long, and with a population of just 200, it is not surprising that the magical Isle of Jura has only one distillery – the producer of the award-winning single malt whisky.


Willie Tait’s involvement with Jura begins in January 1975 when he took on the role as Tunroom Man at the remote Hebridean distillery nestled just off the west coast of Scotland. Shortly thereafter he moved on to the role of Mash / Stillman.


In the summer of 1979 Willie took the position of Assistant Distillery Manager, a post he enjoyed until he was made Manager 6 years later. By 1993, he found himself with a new challenge – Distillery Manager of both Jura and Bruichladdich, on the neighbouring Island

of Islay.


After over two decades, and having crafted some truly special single malts, Willie left his adopted island home of Jura in 1999 and returned to the mainland to begin his next adventure. Whisky distilling was well-and-truly in his blood and his next appointment took him to the north east of Scotland to the village of Fettercairn, where he became Manager of three Malt distilleries – Fettercairn, Tamnavulin and Tullibardine.


By September 2003 Willie found himself embarking on yet another new journey when he was appointed as global Master Distiller Brand Ambassador of the Isle of Jura Single Malt Whisky. This role has had Willie travelling the globe delighting people with magical stories of island life and of course allowing them to sample some of the rarest and most delicate single malts Jura has to offer.


After so many years service to the Scotch Whisky industry, his vast experience is widely acknowledged by his peers. In 2011 he was awarded a lifetime Achievement Award from the Malt Advocate magazine.